Passion for performance

Passion for our brand

“A strong brand needs a professional appearance across every media. I’ve got a passion for the BOBST brand because it says what we stand for – innovation, customer focus, knowledge and people”.

Valentine Rollier,
Group Communications
Mex site, Switzerland

Passion for training and talent growing

“For me there’s nothing more satisfying than passing on my know-how and seeing someone I trained really excelling at their job. It’s why I’ve got the best one going”.

Sunil Khodke
Training Manager
Pune site, India

Passion for customer and innovation

“I am driven to help our customers get the peak performance out of their BOBST equipment. Each client brings a new set of challenges, therefore each requires a customized solution”.

Rob McCann
Process Optimization Manager
Roseland site, USA

Passion for innovation and technology

“Sometimes an idea can seem a bit strange, but it might be absolutely the right way forward. We couldn’t develop the solutions we do if we didn’t innovate and consider all possibilities”.

Mirko Rinco
Chief Mechanical Engineer
San Giorgio site, Italy