Operational excellence

BOBST reflects excellence in every dimension: engineering excellence, product excellence, service excellence and innovation excellence

Operational excellence comes from our mindset of continuous improvement and the way we run our business to be number one in our markets.
By subsequently applying Operational Excellence at all levels of the organization we aim to achieve our strategic objective of maintaining leadership and making the organization resilient against any future economic shocks and crises.

Benchmark and culture

We measure Operational Excellence in six dimensions (see chart above). For each of these six dimensions we assess the level of the activity, and the level of the person or team responsible, on a regular basis. We apply continuous improvement processes until all activities run at the right level of performance.

Benefits for all stakeholders

Operational Excellence stimulates value creation and accelerates value capture in a sustainable way.
By empowering people at all levels to listen to customer needs, it helps us to fulfil customer expectations, delivering the right solutions in due time and to the right quality. Our people, knowledge and values benefit all stakeholders.