Vision & values

Our employees, their inspiration, motivation and competencies, are the cornerstone of our past and future successes and set us apart from our competition. To preserve this vision, we strongly promote these values in our organisation at all levels. These are valid in all the different countries and cultures in which we operate.


Each and every Employee has to be respected by all members of the organisation. This is the basis for positive human relationships.

Team work and commitment

The success of the Group is achieved by everybody's willingness and ability to work in team. This vital value is sustained by extraordinary commitment and motivation from each Employee.

Customer focus

Achieving customer satisfaction in a profitable way for the Group is the main goal for all of us. This goal must guide our decisions and actions each day. External customers are our primary focus, but we should not forget we all have internal customers that expect and deserve satisfaction.


Our products are of a technical nature. Yet, we consider emotional intelligence to be just as important as technical intelligence. Manage your work and people with your heart!


Career development is first based on personal ambition and effort and then on the Group’s internal promotion policy. To ensure our future success, the Group will continue to invest in the training of its Employees.


Professional attitude and behavior are essential.


Product & Market knowledge is a key success factors for us. We expect every Employee to strive to obtain this knowledge in addition to continuously maintain his/her professional skills to the state-of-the-art level.

Initiative & creativity

Initiative and creativity within our Group strategy, and the risk-taking that goes along with them, are considered virtues. It’s accepted for an Employee to make a mistake, as long as he or she learns from it! Complacency is unacceptable. Challenge yourself as an individual every day as you challenge the organisation.


Information is essential in the understanding of the challenges we face and to motivate all of us. Management has the duty to properly inform their Employees on relevant business issues.

Be positive!

It is the responsibility of each individual Employee, and the management at all levels, to constantly strive to create a positive working environment.